Saturday, December 04, 2010

Evolution and generational changes - the challenge of focus

I face the puzzling dilemma of how to stay motivated to the specific tasks at hand given my vast and broad interests and goals.
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I am sure that contrary to popular belief, every generation faces this same challenge of a significantly increased level of information and access vis-a-vis the prior generation. I doubt that it is a function of a particular generation. I do think the scale if tremendously higher in the internet generation, given the many-fold increase in access; but the previous generations had the same impact from the airplanes, from the sea-faring vessels, from colonization, from the printing press and going back, from the invention of transportation mediums. There is a generational "error" or paradox that every single generation feels that they are significantly differentiated from the previous when it really is just the arrow of time.

As I was reading the Time Machine (HG Wells) on my iphone last week, I realized the depth of this realization - every generation perceives their improvements as paramountly different from prior changes. Yes, I am reading the book on my iPhone, but how did the first printing press created book make the process seem timelessly more able than this one?
Some thoughts to ponder on - if anyone has not read it, do browse at Sophie's World  - a brilliant philosophical book that paired with some of the innovative old scribes will make you think deep.

Now on the topic of focus, it's time for me to do just that and say adieu to musings and on to the real stuff

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