Friday, September 24, 2010

Out of focus - millenial stimuli

Friends and strangers who came across this blog, I am sorry for the lull - been a bit busy with work and the abundance of sensory inputs - this brings me up to my topic of focus today!
I think my generation suffers from a lack of focus or more precisely, a over-abundance of communication devices. 
This has been written about many a time. If you cannot find more...
But where I think the common media might be missing the point is that the reason for distraction / lack of focus is not as much about the "new" phenomena of the mind and rather, us reaching a deeper level of satisfying our minds' wandering focus! 

Allow me to elaborate - the reason we are absorbing and consuming more in way of communication, news and tools; is that we are finally able to offer our mind the breadth is occasionally seeks! There will always be people who are too fickle/jump too often and conversely, people who are too slow to change/adapt and are not exploring and taking the opportunity. 

Those that gamble and test capacity and ability of our brains to process multiple inputs in certain situations can take advantage of our generations' opportunities - for example, a lot of us are listening to music on headphones as we study; others are running with music to their ear; from these simple examples to working on excel with a google talk conversation or two on the side is de-facto normal now! I think this allows you to take a momentary break when you want to and get your brain re-charged. I will say, there is a balance, if your time on the chat window is way longer than excel, you are not able to prioritize (GUILTY AS CHARGED SOMETIMES!)

In summary, realize that plethora of sensory inputs does not necessarily always mean you are losing focus, but you could be improving your processing ability!

In random irrelevant news:
I love washington DC - beautiful town, great young population and a new-york esque walking with purpose in people, but blended with a breadth of options to slow it down and see the world around you!
I am growing to appreciate Atlanta - lots to do here, variety of small neighborhoods with unique cultures and abilities in each! 
Work is providing a great learning opportunity and ATL has been phenomenal as a career opportunity so far - I'm thankful for it.
Finally, tell me what you all are interested or intrigued by so I can perhaps blog on it too!


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