Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Networking - not-working?

Sorry for the lull - I intend to publish all my "Draft" posts from the past year!
(JAN 2009)
I have been "fortunate" to focus on a good two - three months of targeted career searching, soul-searching and communcations with smart, talented people. The act of "networking" is little more than creating continuous opportunities for symbiotic relationships to form: Think to yourself,

"If I don't speak to him / her I might miss out on an oportuntiy to help them and offer my knowledge, experiences and perhaps help them achieve their dreams and ambition"; Conversely, the same applies to your own goals and ambitions and aspirations. There is no reason to not talk; what is the worst that can happen? They will say no - not that bad an outcome now is it?

Thus, my best self-learning from the last couple of years of work is here.
More learnings and sound-bites to follow!


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