Sunday, January 10, 2010

Knowledge desire and passion

There is little I know about where I want to go in life in the long term; but if I do not enjoy what I am doing tomorrow and do not truly feel enriched, I will stop and try something else!
There is much to do, too little time to wallow

(Warning - semi-rant or advice column for people on my outlook in life)
Proactive optimism and a positive attitude can only help you in life. The benefit of proactive optimism so long as you are conscious of reality is boundless. Example - applying for jobs, learning an instrument or trying out a sport - yes the odds are stacked against you having a significant impact in any area, but if you never try, there is absolutely NO hope if you having any meaningful impact - wallowing in self pity and dismay at odds can only make you a good statistician (If you can, do that - start calculations on odds of failure and write yourself a lovely little statistics book!)  - Shreenath


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