Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What is a vacation?

This January, I have been out and about the world quite a bit and I wonder if this really is a "vacation" as much as a frenzied travel adventure; nonetheless, I enjoyed it thoroughly and heck, that makes it a vacation!
Destinations :::::: houston, san fran, tokyo, kyoto, tokyo, singapore, bombay, chennai, small-towns across south india, chennai, bombay, delhi, bombay, chennai, bombay, singapore, tokyo, san fran, houston

The better modes of travel were: Shinkasen (train tokyo to Kyoto); singapore airlines (gosh what service and the flight stewardesses are awesome!); Indigo Air (Indian Budget carrier bombay-delhi)
The crappy ones - United flight (San fran-tokyo- San Fran -- old 747-400s with no entertainment); Go Air (Smelly and dirty indian budget carrier)

Highlight of the trip --- Tokyo automatic parking!! video-to follow.


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