Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Career path and confidence

There is little I know about where I want to go in life; but I think not knowing what you want is significantly different from indifference.

Careers are like vines on a wall - each one creeping along and few know where it will end up - what I do know, is that the vine will never stop growing even if I am unsure of the direction.

The biggest life lesson has been, never stop waking up with passion, interest and determination to make a difference. The Dos Equiss ad comes to mind "Stay Thirsty my friends" and I truly believe it.
People laugh at my enthusiasm and my positive almost annoying Cheshire cat-like grin that makes people think I've had it all handed to me - of course not, I worked and fought, failed and succeeded, battled and lost skirmishes, but the impact has got to be positive.

As you embark upon life remember one thing - Are you going to ever lose faith or belief?

Inspirational Truly awesome video

I think this has to be a life lesson more than a career one - but overall, positivity is crucial!


Rustoo said...

Yup... it pays to be optimistic. Of course, care should be taken to remain in the boundaries of optimism and realism. And yes, staying thirsty for knowledge is important too, especially career these days are becoming more knowledge-based rather than task-based.

Nice post.. shreenath :)

Shreenath Regunathan said...

Thanks buddy!
I think unbounded optimism paired with some healthy reality checking and more so, hard work/determination behind it will lead to some great results.

You make a good point about realism - that is a big deal - but I think a healthy optimism/imagination is a big deal.


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