Thursday, April 05, 2007

backup of backup of...

Redundancy in life is key for me:
I am not one to take a massive risk without a fall-back or failsafe.
Here was my heirarchy for post-high school: US top tier, UK top tier, US tier 2, UK tier 2, India tier 2, India tier 3, redo!
Then it got refined after 3.5 years at UT Austin to become (for graduation)
post graduation plans (business- consulting=#1... engineering consulting #2, backup grad school #2.5(if top tier) Engineering general #3, Boring Engineering #4, backup extra sem in school #5, backup extra year out of school searching for job #6, backup grad school #7 (rank 5-15) , + back up Singapore work #8, back up India - school/work #9)

Then now, as the H-1 B visa junk starts to show up,
If for some reason, I don't get it:
best case, i work in UK at the office there,
2nd, i might go work in Bahrain,
3rd might go to some other country with same firm
4th off to some other country with different firm....
5th just go to grad school after chilling at home for a while.
6th start something entrepreneurial.
Phew... enough redundancy?
I wonder if others do the same with their lives?

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